aquila_black: Gogo Yubari, manipulating her Meteor Hammer's chain, eyes twinkling. (Yubari: Mischievous)
( Sep. 18th, 2010 02:29 pm)
Hello, all. A number of years ago, I set up a LiveJournal account, for the express purpose of commenting and socializing online. I had ... no reason to write in a proper journal, as the terms of service were as exploitative as they were distasteful. And anyway, writing my thoughts out where they could be easily indexed and archived didn't appeal to me. After reading many, many personal things that other people were willing to put online, though, my perspective has changed a little. And after seeing Dreamwidth's diversity statement, this seems like the place I've been looking for. I am a person, and no one's target audience. Perhaps we'll get along.