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do centaur babies suckle from the horse nipples or the human nipples tho

Centaurs aren’t real. Do you understand that?

yes that is why i made a tumblr post about this instead of just asking a real centaur

I love the verbal ju-jitsu on Tumblr. You brilliant people take on a multitude of banal, normalized instances of social harassment and cheerfully destroy them. And I get to watch you do it and feel my soul heal a little every time. It's ... humbling and hope-inspiring to feel like we're collectively unfucking our imagination here. I don't always have the energy to re-frame broken, oppressive shit. But it's heartening to feel like I can hear the other people who are fighting for the things I'm fighting for. And like I can complement them, instead of having to write everything from the ground up. 

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"We have a trick, we do, those of us who work with or otherwise support people with disabilities. We believe in their competence when they are compliant - when they agree with us, when they submit to our authority, when they bow to the hierarchy of the natural order of things. We determine incompetence when they have the temerity to dismiss our opinions as interesting but irrelevant. Yep, we use competence as the reward for compliance and submissiveness."

Excerpted from Dave Hingsburger's blog post, Jenny and Eve and the Statistics of Freedom

And some of the comments were just as insightful, so I'm quoting them too.

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I was in The Powerpuff Girls fandom years ago as a teenager. I had a crush on these two villains in a gang. One was the leader. The other was his punching bag. I explored my feelings for both of them in depth and realized that more than anything, I wanted the leader to stop hurting his second-in-command. Even when he screwed up, he didn't deserve that. And I knew that canon was never going to fulfill my wish because it was played for laughs. So I asked myself why I wanted this so much and what I could do about it. Read more... )

[I dislike posts that involve scrolling through a ton of images to read a modest amount of text. So here's what it said.

Narrator: The Keekorok [baboon] troop took to foraging for food in the garbage dump of a popular tourist lodge. The trash included meat tainted with tuberculosis. The result was that nearly half the males in the troop died.

Sarpolsky: It wasn't random who died.

Narrator: Every alpha male was gone.

Sarpolsky: And what you were left with was twice as many females as males, and the males who were remaining were, just to use the scientific jargon, they were good guys. It completely transformed the atmosphere in the troop. This particular troop has a culture of very low levels of aggression, and they're doing that twenty years later. If they're able to, in one generation, transform what are supposed to be textbook social systems engraved in stone, we don't have an excuse when we say there's certain inevitabilities about human social systems.]








Robert Sapolsky about his study of the Keekorok baboon troop from National Geographic’s Stress: Portrait of a Killer.

Thiiiiiiis, people, thiiiis!

1. Kill alpha male types
2. Achieve world peace

Got it.

I’ve actually read a lot of Sapolsky’s work.  He’s one of my favorite scientists in the neuro/socio world.

I just watched the documentary and there is so much more about the troop that isn’t in this photoset—not only does the troop have a culture of little aggression and greater cooperation, but any incoming jerk baboons learned within a few months that their shitty behaviour was in no way acceptable, that the troop only rewarded sociability, and they changed accordingly. 

If effin’ baboons can learn this there’s pretty much no reason to believe that our only option in dealing with assholes is to just ignore their behaviour and let it continue.

there really is no excuse.

"incoming jerk baboons" hahaha

I'm reading a professional guide in Spanish for voice actors and singers, and it has been so unexpectedly useful. I'm learning stuff I didn't even know how to look for. Even better, though, I'm finding out what to do about some old, unfortunate habits.

No one tells you how to talk unless you're unintelligible. Most people are proficient at it without being told. But unfortunately, because we picked up the skill intuitively, it's easy enough for external pressures to screw it up. And if they do, we don't know exactly what has changed or how to correct it. This happened to me. I bet this happens to plenty of people. I'm writing this post because I have a story to share, and some new information that may be useful to more than just me.

The crux of what I learned is this: the more you're projecting, the less well you can hear yourself. The less you're projecting, the more your voice vibrates the small bones in your inner ear and resonates inside your own head. Everyone else hears what comes out of your mouth. Unless you're standing right in front of a wall (and outside of theater exercises, no one does this) what you're hearing is the part of your voice that doesn't leave your mouth. That's why it sounds different. That's why typically, the first reaction people have to hearing a recording of their own voice is "I don't sound like that." The personal part: )